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Temecula Facial Fat Transfer

Temecula Facial Fat Transfer:

Fat grafting, also known as fat transfer and fat injection, is utilized in areas needing volume enhancement, most commonly the face, breasts, buttocks, and hands. This procedure gives a person a more youthful appearance in their face by harvesting unwanted excess fat from other parts of their body and placing it under the skin in the face. It helps to smooth out lines and wrinkles that have appeared over time due to the gradual wearing down of the fat layers in the face. It is a permanent and natural-appearing method that exchanges fat from areas of excess to areas that are lacking. Call Temecula Body Contouring to see if facial fat transfer is right for you.

Temecula Fat Grafting Procedure

Fat grafting or fat transfer normally entails collecting excess fat from one area of the body, rinsing it, and subsequently meticulously re-injecting it with specifically created needles within the spots necessitating improvement. The fat injections might need to be replicated repeatedly to accomplish the preferred result.

We expect only 50%-70% of the fat injected to be viable so over-injection is performed initially to achieve the desired final result. With this being said, it typically takes two or even three sessions of fat injection to achieve the desired result. However, most patients do not mind this since they are receiving a reduction of fat from the areas of their body where the fat is being harvested. Implicit in this is that we need fat in other areas of the body to harvest from. For example, bodybuilders with very little body fat would not be candidates for fat transfer since they do not have fat in other areas of their body to donate to the fat-depleted area.



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Temecula Body Contouring | Plastic Surgery


Temecula Body Contouring | Plastic Surgery


Temecula Body Contouring | Plastic Surgery