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Cosmetic Surgery Financing Options in TemeculaCosmetic Surgery Financing Options in Temecula at Temecula Body Contouring

How long have you been putting off a breast augmentation, Brazilian Butt Lift, or Tummy Tuck because you don’t think you can afford it? While the cost of cosmetic procedures has come down over the years, most of us don’t have enough cash in the bank to pay out of pocket all at once. Luckily, there are a number of affordable financing options available to help you get the body of your dreams.

Whether you choose to use a loan, credit, or pay in advance with our prepayment plan, the financing options at Temecula Body Contouring make it possible for just about anyone to enjoy the life-changing benefits of cosmetic surgery.


Pay using Cherry:

  1. Apply using our Cherry link to see how much you’re approved for.
  2. When you arrive for treatment, ask to pay with Cherry. Don’t forget to bring your debit card for the initial payment!
  3. Choose the Cherry payment plan that works for you, and check out with our front desk.


The ALPHAEON CREDIT card is available to patients exclusively through board-certified cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Sarosy. The online application process is easy and you’ll see if you’re approved instantly. There is no application fee, no down payment, no annual fee, and no waiting period so you can get the funds you need for your cosmetic procedure right away.

Additional benefits of ALPHAEON CREDIT include:

• Special financing on purchases of $250 or more
• Credit lines up to $25,000
• Fixed rates and monthly payments – no surprises
• Early payoff option to avoid interest charges


CareCredit is specifically designed to cover out-of-pocket medical expenses that insurance doesn’t pay for. Financing with CareCredit works similar to a credit card, in that you use it to pay for a cosmetic procedure up front and make payments to your account over time. With CareCredit, you can take advantage of promotional financing with 0% interest or reduced APR on balances paid in full within the promotional period. When you apply, you’ll find out immediately if you are approved so you can schedule your cosmetic procedure right away.

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LendingUSA offers loans to individuals who want to look and feel their best through cosmetic surgery. This is an attractive financing option to patients with average credit, as LendingUSA approves a wider range of credit scores than other lenders. You’ll also enjoy increased buying power with loans up to $35,000. There’s no interest on the principal of your loan if the balance is paid in full within six months, and they offer affordable monthly payment options that work with nearly any budget.


United Medical Credit

United Medical Credit works with a wide network of healthcare-focused lenders to help patients secure financing for their cosmetic procedures. Once you complete your online application, several lenders will review it and notify you of your approval within one business day – often immediately. Then, a friendly associate from United Medical Credit will contact you to review your financing options and help you choose the best one for your needs.

Benefits of financing through United Medical Credit:

• Funding for a variety of procedures including face lift, breast augmentation, and liposuction
• Affordable monthly payments
• Competitive interest rates
• No prepayment penalty
• Multiple loan term plans to choose from
• Interest-free financing options (on approved credit and provider participation)

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Temecula Body Contouring Prepayment Plan

Not every patient is comfortable using credit to pay for cosmetic surgery. For those who would like to work directly with Temecula Body Contouring to finance their cosmetic procedures, we offer a prepayment plan. With a $1,000 down payment, you can secure your date for surgery and make monthly payments up until your pre-op date. With our prepayment plan, you must have paid for your procedure in full by the time of your pre-op appointment. We are happy to move your procedure date far enough into the future to make your payments affordable and convenient.

To learn more about our prepayment plan or to schedule your free consultation, call us at (800) New – Figure.





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